friend: you speak french?
me: yeah
friend: say something in french!
me: je suis venu ici pour passer un bon moment et je suis honnêtement sentir si attaqué dès maintenant


I come with baggage.
Don’t expect me
to unpack it all
just because of you.

I mean,
I may open up a
zipper or two
But some things

are better left lost in an airport
or shoved under a bed.

Trust me.


- Baggage by A. V. Madison  (via elbesoie)

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"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never quite describe the pain."

- Proverb from the Welcome to Night Vale, episode 32 credits - “Yellow Helicopters” (via the-social-recluse)

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A black crow attacks one of the Pope’s white doves in my new favourite image of All Time / basically what Lars Von Trier takes two to four hours to capture with every try.

this is amazing tbh

Shang Ma
"Existence #28"
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mo†herfuckers. na We Heart It.


*subtle hints of self hatred in everything i say*

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